How I "Dreamed" up HARBOR HOOD

Spoiler: Ironically lots of sleepless nights.

Imagine you are in a hospital, treatment center, or nursing home for a health condition that you are very concerned about. Beyond that, there are noisy people, staring people, constant beeping of monitors, chilly AC, bright florescent lights in your face, relentless neck pain from flat pillows, hard pillows, or “sorry we ran out pillows”. And to top it off a total lack of control of what is going on with your body. Put yourself in the shoes of a medical patient today. You know none of the annoyances are the end of the world, but you would appreciate being able to make your environment better. That’s why I created the Harbor Hood. A pillowed hood that shields you from all of these things so you can find some serenity.

My background in healthcare architecture began my interesting in understanding patient experience in the healthcare world. Then through a masters in industrial design I wrote a thesis about how people are waiting in healthcare facilities and how those "in-between" times are causing more harm then restorative rest. My research included countless hours of interviewing experts and observing in different medical settings at all different hours to get a sense for what was creating a less than ideal environment. And I found a pattern arise. The people who worked there and the caretakers were doing everything in their power to help and add comfort. If fact I met some incredible people who dedicate their careers and lives to helping others feel better. So what was it then? In fact, the physical environment and the passer-byers that are not doing any favors to help give the patient a chance to rest. And so the idea was born.

Many of us have environments that are hard to rest in because it lacks quiet and comfort. For example, a partner that snores loudly, an urban apartment dweller that is awoken by the outside street bustle, or a crying baby on a long plane ride. These are everyday occurrences that can be gravely impacting the ability for you to find rest. I saw this problem in a lot of peoples lives, especially my family. I want to help others find their respite. Harbor Hood is a combination my lifes observation and research. Through a supportive, sound dampening, private and comfy Harbor Hood your chances of resting just got a whole lot better. 


- Rest Well zzZ Harbor Hood

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